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About Library

IMU-MPC Library and Information Services


IMU Mumbai Port campus has two libraries Lending (MERI library) and Reference (LBS Library). These two libraries are merged into one Central IMU-MPC Library. The Library aims to develop a comprehensive collection of documents that is useful for the Faculty, Cadets, Ship Designers and Post Sea Cadets in their education and research activities in the University or even outside. The major objective of the library is to acquire useful information sources, process, organize and to make them available to the users.

Cadets are encouraged to take advantage of the library resources and are given individual assistance on the use of primary sources, charts/maps and drawings etc.

The library has a collection of 15,000 documents consisting of books and manuals, ship drawings, articles, project reports, standards, reports, national and international periodicals, bound volumes, CD ROMs and equipment catalogues.

General Regulations and Conditions of Library:


1. Food, drink, or water bottles are not permitted in the library. User should leave their bags and personal belongings including personal books outside the library. Please do not keep any valuables.
2. Identity Card to be shown at the Counter.
3. User shall enter their details legibly in the register maintained for the purpose.
4. Please maintain an atmosphere conducive to study, by being as quiet as possible. Please turn off ringer on your cell phone and set it on vibrate mode.
Use of cell phone inside the library is strictly prohibited.
5. User are requested to handle all the library materials carefully to avoid physical
damage, underling/tearing/folding of page or damage in any way of library books or other materials. Penalty will be charged for defaulters.
6. Library material cannot be taken out from the library without requisite permission.
7. Library reserves the right to call back any issued book/item at any time.
8. Documents/Books taken from the shelves must be left on the table.
9. Private papers and non-library material should not be left unattended on tables.
Library is not responsible for loss of any private property.
10. Keep the library premises tidy.
11. All books and if required, the contents of all your bags etc., which are being taken out of the library are subject to inspection at the check point. Please cooperate.
12. "No dues certificate" will be issued at the time of leaving the IMU-MPC campus, on return of all the library documents.
13. On violation of Library rules or misconduct by any reader, the library authorities can withdraw the library facilities to that particular individual.
14. Contact library staff for any queries.